Starting Martial Arts- What Parents Need to Know

Teen Taekwondo training provides myriad benefits for middle school and high school aged students participating in a martial arts program enhances physical fitness, teaches self-defense strategies, and instills traditional values such as honor, hard work, and respect. In short, Taekwondo is good for the body and the mind.

By high school, young people have often settled into a path: The Scholar, The Athlete, The Band Kid, The Geek, The Artist. But the teen years are way too early to get into a rut–or to become sedentary. In Martial Arts, students train to become better than their yesterday-self, in a group setting. This makes Taekwondo the perfect sport for those who prefer setting individual goals, for those looking to try something new, or athletes interested in an amazing cross-training discipline.

Teen martial arts classes can be a great experience–if your child is interested and puts in effort. Before enrolling your teen in martial arts classes, ask them what they hope to gain. Find programs that are a match for your teen’s abilities and interests.

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