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Founded by Mr. Anupam Dikshit, Electro sport India is one of the leading companies in the Indian Taekwondo sports world. We have been serving the requirements of professionals and practitioners ever since the inception of the firm. Electro Sports India is an authorized distributor of TAEKWONDO and MARTIAL ART sports products associated with various international sports brands such as KPNP, JCalicu (WT Approved), and KICK.Ai. We are committed to delivering the best and top-notch quality products that encourage every sportsperson to perform splendidly with ease. The idea behind its creation is to make all the sports products, which are used internationally and in the Olympics and other such major events accessible to all the sportsperson and martial art practitioners across India, who could not afford the essentials due to the high price.

We want to remove all the barriers and hindrance and forge a path to success. Being a taekwondo national and international athlete for over ten years, we understand the struggle and hardships one goes through in his initial phase. Through this medium, we want to help the budding martial artist in their journey and promote them on international platforms.

About us


We aim to connect taekwondo with modern era technology to foster development in the sports industry. We primarily deal in all types of taekwondo accessories that foster your performance on the field. Our wide range of products includes Taekwondo uniforms for all climates, Interlocking/martial Art mats, yoga mats, kabaddi mat, chest protector, head protector, arm & shin protector, sports/martial art shoes, taekwondo groin protector, and more.

We also offer some technologically advanced products that help you track your session daily and prepare you well for your next. You will witness the effects of these tools over time.

We wish you success in the future, and being a sports person, you cannot overlook these accessories as they play half a role in your victorious performances. That’s why we bring you products that help you perform skillfully and shield you from harmful attacks. Make way for your achievements by trusting the best and “Get your game on”.

Our Vision

``Join us, and let's elevate your sports experience together.``

At Electro Sport India, we believe that sports should be more than just a physical activity; it should be a lifestyle, a passion that binds us all. The Electro Sport India Club embodies this belief, bringing together like-minded individuals who share a love for sports and fitness.

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